Vehicles are buyable in game from HP Dealerships or potentially winnable from random rolls in quests or from Pumpkin King. You can use them around town


Quick and nimble, bikes are a cheap and cheerful transport. Bikes can take a driver and a passenger and are fairly light on fuel. Great for drive by shootings. You can buy these from HP Dealerships in Fallout Bay, Rookwood and Newisle. Top of the line Orange $500, Middle range Red $420 or economy Black $350


Cars are the general runabout for day to day use for citizens in newisle. Moderately cheap to own and not too hard on fuel. Two people can travel in cars. Top of the line Magenta $800, Middle range Yellow $700 or economy Black $600. ou can buy these from HP Dealerships in Fallout Bay, Rookwood and Newisle.


Tanks are a specialised raiding unit. Great for offensive raids on enemy bases or generally blowing the crap out of an area. Heavy on fuel and very expensive to run and own, they more then make up for it if you find your faction at war. Fires fire charges which destroy bases quickly. Single person transport only. Prices start from 18000


Attack helicopter. Versatile flight and fight unit, can be used to either attack an area or defend a zone. Very good in faction wars. single person transport only. Heavy on fuel. Prices start from 9000



Two person flight transport. Light on fuel great for scouting an area or travelling across areas quickly. Can also drop bombs on an area


If you fancy underwater travel, this is for you. Relatively light on petrol and capable of long distance travel across very large oceans, difficult for enemies to detect. Just the thing for raiding an underwater base. Prices start from 5000


Exceptionally quick, light on fuel and capable of travelling across land or water, multi purpose scout craft with a fat price tag to match. Prices start from 15000


Vehicles are available as quest rewards or purchaseable from various outlets across the nation. All players have the ability to ride bikes but other vehicles need to be unlocked with an in game quest.

Vehicle FAQ

  1. How do I drive the vehicle? Right click the chest you receive on the ground and right click the vehicle once it is summoned.
  2. How do I get out of the vehicle? Left Shift lets you dismount a vehicle
  3. How do I unsummon a vehicle? Shift right click the vehicle lets you pack the vehicle back up into your inventory
  4. How do I refuel the vehicle? Shift left click the vehicle and put in the fuel