Tumbleweed is a frontier town one small stop away from the Badlands. Its people are tough and tread a fine line between the law and order forced on them from Newisle and their own inclination to respect folks tough enough to cut it in the lawless Badlands.



Bet on a fight! Either win or lose $5000 depending on whether Flash or Arrow wins!

The Prickly Cactus Restaurant

See town matriarch Sharon for the best meals in town.

Tumbleweed Grocery

Buy and sell all your favourite food items. Prices are specific to Tumbleweed and are dynamic, they rise and fall with demand.

Tumbleweed Gun shop

Buy and sell armor, swords and bows. Also the Tokarev Pistol is available to be purchased here! Prices are set to Tumbleweed and are dynamic and rise and fall with server demand.

Tumbleweed Bank

Got a spare $1000 you would like to invest? Tumbleweed bank can look after your money. And pay interest. Or you could justĀ  remove money from the bank in other ways.

Tumbleweed Motel

Cheap decent accomadation, $50 a night for a room of your own in town.

SP Inn

Cheap horrible accomdatation for those that cannot manage to get a room in the Tumbleweed Motel.


Julie and Tessbear and Wash

Notable People







Don King

King Henry