If this message is up, we are still seeking staff for various administration and development positions. Contact us on our contact page if this is something you are interested in


Porridgemcgee: Server Owner, lore and quest developer. De Facto leader and owner since he was silly enough to pay for all of this. If a quest bugs it was probably his fault. Sorry in advance!

Zulse: General server developer, Bug tester and balancer whose favorite command is “/kill porridgemcgee.” Property and shop guru. And when those mobs deep in the badlands kill you, he totally knows nothing Jon Snow.

Whippa:  Newbie developer feeling his way around. When hes cranky look out he is very proficient with a shotgun.

k0trigger: Server admin and sadistic builder. He made the player prison so if you like to break the law trigs will enjoy seeing you try and escape the long bay jail. And die trying.

Steve_101: Patient pincushion guinea pig and game tester. Poor guy has died countless times so you dont find the quests too hard. Buy him a beer if you see him around.

Skullah: We arent even sure what he does. Sometimes gets on the server. Seems to die in the badlands a lot. General dirty feeder. Maybe one day he will help actually develop some stuff.