1. No fly or speed mods
  2. No kill aura
  3. No modded clients.
  4. No rigging player bounties.
  5. No killing players on their first day on the server
  6. No abusing bugs or glitches. Report these immediately.
  7. No impersonating staff.
  8. No xray
  9. Language that staff find unreasonable. Excessive swearing or advertising other servers
  10. Anything illegal
  11. Spamming the chat
  12. Only one business is allowed to be owned per player
  13. Killing any player in front of the gold line at tumbleweed at /spawn
  14. Abusing or offending admins
  15. Demanding bugs from non VIP players get fixed immediately or not following proper channels and reporting them on discord
  16. Trying to avoid court in any way
  17. Killing players in court
  18. Using an ALT account to store money
  19. Players with backpacks or enderchest spell cannot sell glowstone

Things that are allowed

  • Optifine and shaders
  • Camping quest areas after Tumbleweed
  • Killing players other than players on their first day
  • Base raiding and griefing
  • Swearing that isnt excessive

Breaking the rules above will draw a punishment. Any online staff member can choose to punish you any way they see fit for any rule breach. This includes  but is not restricted to the use of the player prison, removal of kingdoms, tnting that players base, clearing their inventory or emderchest or kicking or banning them or muting them.

Please contact us for any rule infractions. Please take screenshots where possible.