Main Quests

Fiona ( Main Quester / Newisle )

In the beginning

Harry ( Main Quester Tixa Prison / Tumbleweed )

Drug mule


Bring on Taylor

Spread Your Wings

Its Shootin Time

Eye for an Eye

Glowing Harry

Hello Cliffcrest

Meet the Commies

Vampire Territory



Taylors Revenge I


Carmen ( Bounties / Side Quester / Briar Valley )

Bounties Part I

Bounties PArt II

Suzy Suzy Suzy

Nuclear Sandra

That Dirty Witcher

Cody ( Repeateable Instance / Fallout Bay )

Gone Nuclear

JC ( Main Quester / Drug Seller / Cliffcrest )

Get Fragged Nelson

Do or Dont I

Kai ( Main Quester / Badlands )

Return to Sender

Meet the Bloodsucker

Masud ( Side Quester / Cliffcrest )

Father Figure I

Father Figure II

ShiftySaint ( Underworld sidequests / Tumbleweed / Rookwood )

Stroker Ace

Slim ( Bank Robbing Quests )

Doof the Tumbleweed

Doof the Briar

Doof the Cliffcrest

Deal or No Deal


Sharon ( Main Quester / Tumbleweed )

Warm Apple Pie

Oh Kai Kai

Finnegra ( Side Quester / Briar Valley )

Briar Valley Murders


Boris ( Faction Quester / Grend Tree )

A Witch in time

Forgetful Rachel

Political Prisoner

Hacker Time

Rock the Casba



Edward ( Main Quester / Side Quester Fallout Bay )

Age of Nosferatu
Any light left
Last Man Standing

Nosferatu Warren I

Nosferatu Warren II


Arutha ( Main Quester Fallout Bay)

Embrace Vampirism
Little Lucy
Embrace Humanity?


Hugh ( Side Quester, Rookwood )

Felicity Smokes

NRG – Hugh


Soloman ( Side Quester, Tixa Prison )

Enemy of Masud


Bad Bunni ( Repeatable Instance, Rookwood )

Bad Bunni


C3PO ( Repeatable Instance, Fallout Bay )

Combat Tester


Tycoon (  Property sidequest, Newisle )

Skeleton and Zombie Hunter ( Sidequest, Fallout Bay )

Tycoon ( Business ownership quests, Newisle )


Barnaby ( Farming Sidequester, Tumbleweed )

Bread Maker

Potato Baker

Cake Baker

Pumpkin Pie


Robyn ( Minine Sidequester, Cliffcrest )

Mining Madness

Coal Miner

Crafting Business


Brick Maker