Main Quests

Fiona ( Main Quester / Newisle )

In the beginning

Harry ( Main Quester Tixa Prison / Tumbleweed )

Drug mule


Bring on Taylor

Spread Your Wings

Its Shootin Time

Eye for an Eye

Glowing Harry

Hello Cliffcrest

Meet the Commies

Vampire Territory



Taylors Revenge I


Carmen ( Bounties / Side Quester / Briar Valley )

Bounties Part I

Bounties PArt II

Suzy Suzy Suzy

Nuclear Sandra

That Dirty Witcher

Cody ( Repeateable Instance / Fallout Bay )

Gone Nuclear

JC ( Main Quester / Drug Seller / Cliffcrest )

Get Fragged Nelson

Do or Dont I

Kai ( Main Quester / Badlands )

Return to Sender

Meet the Bloodsucker

Masud ( Side Quester / Cliffcrest )

Father Figure I

Father Figure II

ShiftySaint ( Underworld sidequests / Tumbleweed / Rookwood )

Stroker Ace

Slim ( Bank Robbing Quests )

Doof the Tumbleweed

Doof the Briar

Doof the Cliffcrest

Deal or No Deal


Sharon ( Main Quester / Tumbleweed )

Warm Apple Pie

Oh Kai Kai

Finnegra ( Side Quester / Briar Valley )

Briar Valley Murders


Boris ( Faction Quester / Grend Tree )

A Witch in time

Forgetful Rachel

Political Prisoner

Hacker Time

Rock the Casba



Edward ( Main Quester / Side Quester Fallout Bay )

Age of Nosferatu
Any light left
Last Man Standing

Nosferatu Warren I

Nosferatu Warren II


Arutha ( Main Quester Fallout Bay)

Embrace Vampirism
Little Lucy
Embrace Humanity?


Hugh ( Side Quester, Rookwood )

Felicity Smokes

NRG – Hugh


Soloman ( Side Quester, Tixa Prison )

Enemy of Masud


Bad Bunni ( Repeatable Instance, Rookwood )

Bad Bunni


C3PO ( Repeatable Instance, Fallout Bay )

Combat Tester

Tessbear (Side Quest, Repeatable Instance, Tumbleweed)

Tessbear’s Lunch


Tycoon (  Property sidequest, Newisle )

Skeleton and Zombie Hunter ( Sidequest, Fallout Bay )

Tycoon ( Business ownership quests, Newisle )


Barnaby ( Farming Sidequester, Tumbleweed )

Bread Maker

Potato Baker

Cake Baker

Pumpkin Pie


Robyn ( Minine Sidequester, Cliffcrest )

Mining Madness

Coal Miner

Crafting Business


Brick Makert


Moneyshots Quest (Sidequest, Repeatable Instance, Rookwood)

Loving Viv

Sammy’s Moonshine

Wedding Cake Blues

The Fancy Ring

Zulse Corporation Quest (Sidequest, Repeatable Instance, Newisle)

Zulse Corp.


Bashar (Main Quester, Rookwood)

Execution Outcomes

Terorism 101

Annabelle’s Last dance

The Big Bad Bat

Immam (Main Quester, Newisle, Rookwood)

Quest 1

Quest 2

Quest 3


Adnan (Main Quester, Newisle)

Taylors Revenge II

Follow Me

Taylors Revenge III

Taylors Revenge IV

Will (Main Quester, Newisle)

Rebuilding Volkov

The Maze

Share, Share

Chiras Expansion Main/Side Quest

(need Robbers Den Expansion Key to access these quest)

Hector (Main Quester, Chiras)

Drug Lord

Quest 2

Marjery (Side Quest,Repeatable Instance, Chiras)

Quest 1

Melissa (Side Quest, Repeatable Instance, Chiras)

Quest 1