Making Money

Making money on the server is not as easy as it has been on prior servers.

There is one official currency and one unofficial one. The official currency is dollars and the unofficial one is gold ingots.

Most reputeable shops and merchants will accept dollars, the more disreputeable sellers and mercenaries will want gold.

To obtain gold ingots you can do the following.

  • Mine it as usual in the badlands
  • Rob banks
  • Buy it as required from the one of the Miners Emporium shops.
  • Receive it in quests


To make dollars, you can do the following:

  • Receive it in quests
  • Own businesses
  • Gamble at the various gambling establishments
  • Invest with a bank receive a return
  • Become a landlord and rent rooms to other players
  • Sell unrequired food to groceries or unrequired mined items to the miners emporium
  • Run drug runs
  • Invest in the stock market
  • Just staying online will earn you income

Note that the market is totally dynamic. Prices of goods drop and rise depending on the demand across the server and will fluctuate from time to time. It is always a good idea to keep an eye on the price of things before you mine or farm it.

The last option is drugs. Glow can be bought and sold from most towns which each have individual prices for drugs which mean you can run drugs between towns to make a profit. Be warned though, police will attempt to detect players carrying drugs and will try and catch you and send you to prison if they do, so if you are carrying glow, avoid the 5-0!

Spending money

What do I do with money?

You can do a lot with it! Here are come common Early game uses

  • Rent hotel rooms to securely store your things.
  • Use money to buy food
  • Use money to clear your wanted levels
  • Use money to buy armor and guns

Later game you still need money and you will want to do the following

  • Buy property for your own use
  • Buy and maintain a business
  • Purchase one of the motels
  • Purchase transport vehicles like bikes and cars
  • Purchase the war vehicles like tanks and helicopters and planes