Long Bay Jail

Long Bay Jail is the player prison. If you have commited some crime and been caught, chances are you will get sent here.

There are five ( technically six )  ways out of the prison.

1. Find a way to escape on your own. Unfortunately this is exceedingly difficult and it is possible you will get trapped here and not be able to escape. Dont say we didn’t warn you.

2. Convince another player to pay for your bail bond. Then talk to the lawyer. The other player is required to pay $750 for the bail bond from the Newisle department of corrections

3. If you have completed all of the Bank Robbing Quests, talk to Greek George to get released for $500

4. Talk to the lawyer. This will cost $10000

5. The owner of the prison can release you by either using his prisonrelease spell, alternatively he can purchase a bail bond for free ( it costs him $750, but he receives 750 from the purchase of a bail bond )

Technically purchasing a VIP kit technically does release you from jail if you really want to get out this way also but cmon, that is lame. Please dont do this.

Note that Long Bay Jail is actually able to be player controlled. To own the prison, go and become a Tycoon and then run the related business takeover quest.

The owner of the prison can teleport between the department of Corrections in Newisle and the Long Bay jail with the sheep teleporters. He can also summon witches to torture the inmates of the prison and he can release players using the method above. He makes $750 per bail posted for players or $5000 for players that purchase the lawyer to escape.