Immam- Quest 1

Once you finish all the Bashars quest and teleported out of the prison before you stands Arutha and Immam. Dialogue begins. Arutha and Immam discuss wether what you did was on purpose or accident.

Once they discover Bashar had told you Arutha tells Immam to explain everything that is happening. As Arutha calls it “The Truth”. Once the dialogue is over an your done being shocked and or surprised. (IRL)

Immam will send you to go find a house in Newisle. 224 Docklands Crest Newisle in front of the Statue of the stone pickaxe. Once you find it talk to Adnan on the first floor who will send you to the second floor to witness the truth.


224 Docklands Coordinates X:-168 Y:68 Z:106