Hacker Time

Ask Hugh Zia or Slim to help with this quest if you don’t have hacker traits.

Head too Rookwood by teleport sheep or walking.

Find the NRG building. It is the tallest building in Rookwood with NRG spelt on the front and back at the top of the tower.

Head to the top floor of the NRG buildingĀ  and on the way up you will be facing against security. Kill them all.

Once you get to the top floor go to the console and start the hack. The hack will take 2 minutes to complete.

During the hacking time a whole server announcement will be shown saying “player name is hacking the NRG building” and there will be a $425 bounty on your head where anybody can kill you and obtain that money and if you are killed before the hacking is finished you must trigger the quest again.