Grand Tree

Grand Tree is the Russian enclave of the world. Various Soviet Era posters and propaganda are strewn about and decorate the streets.

Unlike other regional towns the Communists here dont have a grasp of how to run an economy so the you may find the shops here empty or malfunctioning from time to time just like a real communist economy.

While you can actually invest in the bank of Grand Tree, we dont reccomend it as the communist banking system is prone to government intervention and returns are rare.

Despite that, the town is worth visiting. For starters, the houses are very cheap and plentiful!


Barracks: Buy stolen knock off soviet era armor and swords here.

Gun Dealer: Want to buy ak 47?

Rachels Instance: Repeatable Instance that grands moderate level armor.

Pumpkin King: Hand in 64 pumpkins once every 12 hours to get a random prize. Even the crap prizes are decent and the amazing ones are amazing!

Voodoo Shop: Want to infect someone with some Voodoo? Nazeebo is your man. Send Voodoo across the map to throw your enemies into disarray

Prominent NPC



Pumpkin King