Frequently Asked Questions:


What is Taylors Revenge?

A Minecraft Server with a engrossing single player campaign that you can play with your friends.

Is it free to play?

Yes. You are welcome to purchase VIP kits if you want to help support the server but essentially it is free to play.

Is there PVP?

Yes, players are free to engage each other in all areas of the world except for the starting areas of Tixa Prison and Tumbleweed. Generally speaking PVP is more for endgame.

Do I lose my stuff if I die?

Yes. There are items in game that do not drop on death and these are highly prized but generally you will drop items on death. Dont worry though, there are plenty of ways to regain armor and guns if you lose them.

Texture Pack

1. Do I need the texture pack to play on the server?

Technically no, but you wont see any of the guns if you dont use it.

2. How do I get your texture pack and install it?

Scroll down the page on the right. There should be a little texture pack widget that shows you how. Or click here for download and instructions.


1. How do I put fuel into my vehicle?

Shift left click the vehicle and put the fuel into the inventory of the vehicle.

2. What fuel do cars take?

Wood, Coal, Lava buckets, charcoal all work fine.

3. What do I have to do to get a car?

Harry will give you a black car during his questline. You can also win one from Bunni in her Speed racer quest. Alternatively you can just buy them from car dealerships in Fallout Bay, Rookwood or Newisle. Lucky blocks also have these as do quests that give random rolls. You can also them in the WAR PACK vip kit here

4. How much do vehicles cost?

That can vary from town to town but the general price is 500 for the low end black car and 800 for the high end Magenta car. Bikes are about 300 to 500, planes 5000 to 7000. Helicopters, speeders, tanks and submarines are all 15000 from the War Central shop in Rookwood.

5. What are the differences in vehicles?

Generally the higher end vehicles have more HP and are faster. The middle rank car is usually more fuel efficient.

6. Where do I get bikes?

All car shops sell bikes. Some quests give them out also, same  for lucky blocks snd random rolls.

7. Where do I get planes and helicopters and Tanks?

Either from random rolls, lucky blocks, VIP kits or from Mad Max sidequest.

8. Can I steal other players vehicles?

No you need your own.

9. Can I get inside other players vehicles?

Some vehicles yes. Cars and bikes and planes all allow for two person riding.

10. What guns are effective against vehices?

Most guns are fairly ineffective against them. The M14 Carbine has an explosive attachment that can damage them. The bazooka is very effective against them, the Remington shotgun can damage them and the LMG is quite effective against them.

11. How do I use and drive the car?

First, right click the chest box you receive on the ground. Then right click it to get in.  Press w to most forward and a and d to go left and right.

12. How do I pack the car away?

Shift right click

13. I have a car in my inventory but I cant drive it?

You have to have been given the car on a quest or bought it. If you have someone elses car in your inventory it will not let you drive it.


1. How do I make a kingdom?

First thing you need to do is King Henrys little quest in Tumbleweed. Once that is done, head out into the badlands and find a place you like. Type /k create mylandx ( replace mylandx with your chosen kingdom name )

2. How do I claim some land?

Type /k claim

3. How do I invite my friend to my kingdom?

/k invite porridgemcgee. Replace porridgemcgee with the person you wish to invite.

4. He is saying he doesnt have permission to join my faction?

Everyone who wants to join a kingdom has to have completed King Henrys sidequest in Tumbleweed.

5. What can I do once I have a kingdom?

The first thing you should do is build a nexus. To do that type /k nexus. Put this somewhere safe. Once you have it you have the ability to build turrets, upgrade your base defenders and other structures.

6. What are resource points and how do I get them?

Resource points are the foundation of your kingdom and allow you to build structures and ugrade them and your base defenders.  To get them, sacrifice any unrequired item into the nexus using the wheat icon to feed the nexus resource points. Diamonds are worth 50 resource points and gold is 20. All other items are worth 0.1 resource points per item. You can also buy resource points as a VIP kit from here

7. How do I build turrets?

Once you have 200 resource points go to your nexus and select the turret you want. Once you have bought it, mount it on a fence post. Turrets will fire on any monster or non kingdom player that comes within its range.

8. What is my base defender?

A base defender is a unit that will spawn whenever enemy kingdoms try and invade your territory. It will attempt to fight off enemy players but if it is killed the enemy players will gain control of your territory so upgrade these as much as possible.

9. How do I invade enemy kingdoms?

Go to their land. Type /k invade

10. Can I steal other kingdoms resource points?

Sure can. Find the enemy nexus and mine it to steal resource points.

11. Can I claim area inside the server controlled area?

No. You can only claim land in the badlands.


1. How do I do this quest?

Generally speaking try the quests page first. Otherwise ask other players or staff.

2. My quest is bugged can you help me?

The best way to fix most quests is to go back to the quester and retrigger it. If that doesnt work try and email us help@taylorsrevenge.com or grab a staff member online if there is one. Please try and remember we have fulltime jobs snd the server is a hobby so please be patient with us, we will respond as fast as we can, usually within 24 hours

3. I would like to report a bug.

Please email help@taylorsrevenge.com


1. Can I have items or guns or cars?

Please dont ask staff for items. We reserve the right to kill players in amusing ways if they ask us for items.

2. Can I be staff?

If you want to apply for staff please email help@taylorsrevenge.com with the following questions answered.


What skills you have

What kind of position do you want

Why you would be a good staff member.

How active you will be.

All staff will go through an initial probation period and if successful will become one of our staff members. We do expect high availavility and attendence so if you cannot do this dont apply.

Wanted Levels

1. What are the Wanted and Bounty levels? There are two broad types of levels, Wanted Level and Bountys.If you are Wanted, all NPC law enforcement like Sheriffs and Police will shoot you on sight.
2. How do I get a wanted or bounty level? Things like robbing banks or killing law enforcement usually will get you a wanted level or a bounty level.If you have a bounty on your head, other players will look to kill you to claim the reward.Players can also place a bounty level on your head manually by typing /addbounty playername amount.
3. How do I clear a wanted or bounty level?
You can clear a wanted level through a hacker. Zia from Tumbleweed, Hugh from Rookwood, Slim from Cliffcrest or Carmen from BriarValley can attempt to clear wanted levels provided their respective quests have been completed. Also the player can also gain the hacker trait which means they have the ability to summon a Wanted Parrot once an hour that has a 50{c7be7f168b50e8aa8d824ea955fa71bb8dab06b3e74d819cb68f6a43da3ca5ca} chance of clearing the wanted level of the player that speaks to it.


  1. How do I buy property?

Go to the property you want to buy. There should be a sign on it with the price. Right click the sign to buy the property.

2. How much are the properties?

The price varies from town to town. Generally speaking, property in Newisle is worth more than it is in Grand Tree for example.

The cheapest property you can buy is $1000. The most expensive is $1,000,000

3. Can I sell property to another player?

Yes. Go inside the property that you want to sell and type /as resell 30 ( replace 30 with the value you wish to sell it for ) Note the property will be sold as-is, so any changes you have made to the property will go across to the player.

4. Can I sell the property back to the server?

Yes you can, type /as sell. Note that you will lose 30{c7be7f168b50e8aa8d824ea955fa71bb8dab06b3e74d819cb68f6a43da3ca5ca} of the purchase price if you do this.

5. Can I let other people build inside my property?

Yes you can. Type /as addfriend region ( change region with the name of the property, this will be on the sign you bought it )