Escape? Is the second quest given to you by Harry after completing the Drug Mule quest. Since you scored him some drugs he trusts you enough to reveal he has some natural magical ability and can potentially teleport a short distance. Problem for him is the teleport is random in where it goes so it might kill you both.

There is a small chance you can die here but if you survive you will end up in a sewer. Harry will discover he can throw fireballs which comes just in time to fight off three zombies. After he has fought off the Zombies he feels drained so he asks you to head on to Tumbleweed without him and talk to his mum Sharon in the Prickly Cactus and he gives you a minecart.

Head to the end of the tunnel. It will drop you out on a railway track. Turn left snd follow the tracks. Once you hit it you can either use the minecart Harry gave you or just run along the tracks until you reach Tumbleweed.

Head into the Prickly Cactus Restaurant and speak to Sharon to end the quest. Sharon will give you the Warm Apple Pie Quest



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