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Father Figure I

Masud is located in Cliffcrest in front of the Oak Valley Inn. Masud explains to you that the mayor will not aid him in trying to find his father so he asks you if you can help and he will pay you money. He will send you to Briar Valley to talk to someone named… Read more »

Tessbear’s Lunch

Find Tessbear in front of the rail station in Tumbleweed.  Go up to her and talk to her. She will tell you her lunch got stolen by some husks and is inside the hut behind her. You will be teleported into the hut. Kill the 2 husks and the quest will be completed. This can… Read more »


Wash is a NPC inside Tumbleweed. He is a pilot working for Serenity Corporation. His ship crashed and he needs help rescuing Mal Reynolds from slavers that took him. Completing his quest will give you  Tokarev Pistol along with 64 bullets. Rescuing Mal will also drive the stock price of Serenity corporation up once news… Read more »

Owning a business

Owning a business is the best way to earn money on the server. To own a business, you must first complete Tycoon’s property quest and become a tycoon. Then you need to attempt the relevant takeover quest The businesses currently able to be owned on the server are here GCH Property Group Bada Bing We… Read more »


Bashar is a main quester in Rookwood.  Bashar is found in the Mosque outside of Rookwood on highway 1. Walk up to him and talk to him and you will find out he is an anarchist. Upon discovering this, he asks you to meet him in Rookwood near Grand Central station. Grand Central station is… Read more »


Tycoon is a NPC who gives a sidequest in Newisle. In order to do his sidequest it costs 5000. The sidequest is intentionally difficult. You will need lots of bullets to complete it. Once you have finished the sidequest, Tycoon gives the player the ability to attempt to take over a property. A takeover attempt… Read more »

Do I or Dont I

Do I or Dont I is a mini quest given by JC at the end of the Get Fragged Nelson Quest. Upon completion of the Get Fragged Nelson quest, the player has the option of either killing JC for breaking his promise to supply drugs, or letting it  go and instead paying $200. If the… Read more »

Get Fragged Nelson

Get Fragged Nelson is a quest given to you by JC in Cliffcrest. Upon talking to JC, he tells you that he will only provide drugs to you once you have killed Nelson. To kill Nelson, head down to the edge of town near the lake. You can see Nelson sitting near a pond. Just… Read more »

We know

We know is a player owneable building in newisle. The building offers services to other players including Sending NPC assassins after other players with Shadow Sending random negative potion effects at other players with Nazeebo Summoning mobs at other players with Devilwolf The owner of the building automatically receives a slice of the income generated… Read more »