Briar Valley

Briar Valley is a small town on the ocean nestled in against the mountains and on the coast. Traditionally a holidaying area the town suddenly finds itself gripped by a serial killer who seems hell bent on killing as many people as he can.

Can you track him down and deal with him?  Choose carefully as a wrong decision has big ramifications later!


Boat racing

Can you beat the quest time of two minutes ten seconds? Dont mind the bastards shooting at you along the way!

Gun arena

Wanna test out some guns while earning fat treasure? Try out the gun arena! Guns avaliable to be tested are Python, Carbine, AK47 and Olympia shotgun.

To use gunarena walk up close to it then type /ma join gunarena. Once you are inside click the ready sign and then talk to the gun of your choice.  Then once you get teleported into the starting area click the iron block to begin.

Briar Valley Bank

Care to make a deposit? Or an unauthorised withdrawal?

Guns and Armor.

Score the Olympia shotgun here!

Briar Valley Grorcery

All your food needs, right here.

Buyable Properties:

Briar Valley Farm

Prominent NPC