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Tessbear is a lawyer in Tumbleweed who got her lunch stolen by some husks who trapped themselves in a small hut. She asks the player to help her kill the husks in revenge. Tessbear gives 10 bread and ten dollars. This quest can be run every 15 minutes.


Wash is a NPC inside Tumbleweed. He is a pilot working for Serenity Corporation. His ship crashed and he needs help rescuing Mal Reynolds from slavers that took him. Completing his quest will give you ¬†Tokarev Pistol along with 64 bullets. Rescuing Mal will also drive the stock price of Serenity corporation up once news… Read more »

Owning a business

Owning a business is the best way to earn money on the server. To own a business, you must first complete Tycoon’s property quest and become a tycoon. Then you need to attempt the relevant takeover quest The businesses currently able to be owned on the server are here GCH Property Group Bada Bing We… Read more »


Adnan is an NPC who befriends the player during the anarchist questline. He actually gives the player the Taylors Revenge II quest that results in killing mayor stevens. Adnan is the brother of the Immam. Not as religious as his brother and preferring to spend his days tinkering with cars, he nevertheless ultimately helps Immam… Read more »

Stock market

Yep, you read that right. Taylors revenge has a stock market on the server. There are currently five companies players can buy shares in. Serenity Mesa Moneyshots Zulse Corp Volkov The value of shares rises and falls depending on a few things, firslty the amount of shares being bought and sold of each share, secondly… Read more »


Serenity is one of the stocks that players can trade. Its value is pushed down by other stocks on the market going up or players selling shares in Serenity. Its value rises whenever someone completes Wash’s repeatable side quest to rescue Mal or whenever a player buys shares in Serenity. All companies are occasionally impacted… Read more »


Immam is refugee from Syria who obtained his green card in the USA. He is a Muslim leader who preaches patience, tolerance and integration to the people that come to his mosque. His message attracts him enemies both within the muslim faith such as Bashar and those outside it, such as Mayor Stevens and Fiona…. Read more »


Bashar is a main quester in Rookwood.¬† Bashar is found in the Mosque outside of Rookwood on highway 1. Walk up to him and talk to him and you will find out he is an anarchist. Upon discovering this, he asks you to meet him in Rookwood near Grand Central station. Grand Central station is… Read more »

GCH Property Group

GCH Property group is the owner of all of the renteable hotels in the world. It controls the Tumbleweed motel, rooms in Briar Valley, the Megaton Inn in Fallout Bay, the Black Kiwi in newisle and the hotel in rookwood. The owner of GCH receives all of the income from all of these hotels. Players… Read more »

Long Bay Jail

Long Bay Jail is the player prison. If you have commited some crime and been caught, chances are you will get sent here. There are five ( technically six )¬† ways out of the prison. 1. Find a way to escape on your own. Unfortunately this is exceedingly difficult and it is possible you will… Read more »