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Father Figure I

Masud is located in Cliffcrest in front of the Oak Valley Inn. Masud explains to you that the mayor will not aid him in trying to find his father so he asks you if you can help and he will pay you money. He will send you to Briar Valley to talk to someone named… Read more »

Hector Santana

Hector Santana is the main quest giver in Chiras. He can be found across from the salesman in Chiras. Hector is the Drug Lord of Chiras all he wants is glowstone. He loves it. Bring him some glow and he will return the favor.


For the second quest that Hector says that you need more connections. He asks you to find another stack of 64 Glowstone and take it to his main man in Newisle named Markus. Find Markus give him the glowstone then return to Hector to complete the quest.

Drug Lord

Hectors first quest he sends you on is to retrieve four stacks (256 total) of glowstone dust. To see if you are worth helping. Once you have retrieved the glowstone dust and evaded all police return to Hector and the quest will be completed.  

Tessbear’s Lunch

Find Tessbear in front of the rail station in Tumbleweed.  Go up to her and talk to her. She will tell you her lunch got stolen by some husks and is inside the hut behind her. You will be teleported into the hut. Kill the 2 husks and the quest will be completed. This can… Read more »

Taylors Revenge IV

Once you defeat Mad Fiona she will disappear and reappear in a different form. This form is called Golem Fiona. Kill Golem Fiona. (Hunting Rifle is good for this part of the boss fight) Once you kill Golem Fiona normal Fiona will appear. Kill Fiona. During the time you are killing her a ton of… Read more »

Follow Me

Once you find Adnan he will tel you to follow him deeper on the surface of Fiona’s Arc. You will stop next to a stairwell that leads you to the deeper parts under Fiona’s Arc. Once he gives you a submarine you have completed the quest.

Taylor’s Revenge III

Once you have talked to Arutha after Immam was kidnapped he gives you coordinates to go help save Immam and says Adnan is waiting for you their. Fly to the coordinates and find Adnan in Fionas Arc. Once you find him his second quest will activate. Once you complete the second quest the main part… Read more »

Taylors Revenge II

The First quest you receive from Adnan is in Newisle in the house Immam sent you to (224 Docklands Crest). You witness the unspeakable and head down to Adnan after the dialogue from upstairs is over. Adnan will apologize deeply while you rage in anger not knowing what to do. Adnan gives you a set… Read more »

Immam- Quest 3

Once you have cleansed your self of your wrong doing’s and talk to Immam again he will tell you that Fiona will be running for mayor and that he needs money to start a campaign (2o million to be exact). He will tell you to go to Edward in Fallout Bay and have him steal… Read more »