Age of Nosferatu

Age of Nosferatu is the first Fallout Bay faction quest. It is given to the player by Edward after Harry reccomends to the player that he seek out Edward for information on Mayor Stevens.

Edward explains about how Fallout Bay works, namely that a Ventrue Vampire named Arutha controls the town and pays residents from his wealth in exchange for regular blood donations. Je goes onto saying that the arrangement is highly popular but that it has come under threat from recent dissapearances and Nosferatu vampire sightings.

Edward asks the player if he minds running through Codys instance in order to see if the player can find any evidence of Nosferatu activity in the recent nuclear reactor invasion.

The player must head out and talk to Cody at the reactor. They must follow the instance chain until the last request, to find Sandra. For the purposes of this quest, head to the opposite end of the building to where Sandra is and instead find a head mounted on a stick with blood all around. Walk up to it to trigger the message. Then finish the instance and hea back to Edwars to complete the quest.