Taylor’s revenge is a dark modern tale of vengeance, lust, betrayal and justice where choices you make are permanent.

 Taylors Revenge features a full single player campaign. After witnessing your girlfriend getting shot right in front of your face, you find yourself sent to prison for 55 years with no hope of escape.

Will you get your revenge through subtlety or just blast your way there?

Will you keep your humanity or feel it slip away in the name of vengeance?

Gamble your way to riches or lose it all in a blaze of glory?

Property. Rent and buy and sell property and lease it to other players to make cash. Do missions to become a landlord or a property tycoon.

Tonnes of minigames


Adult Content. Strip clubs. Sex acts. Serial Killers. Terrorism. Businesses.

Guns, Vehicles, Fully scripted quests and sidequests.

RPG Items and custom guns

Vampires and the supernatural



Battle bandits, form alliances and factions in the badlands. Fight faction wars with tanks and helicopters and guns. Make money from owning property and businesses.

How do I get started?

  1. How do I connect? Open up minecraft, click multiplayer. In the address field, type mc.taylorsrevenge.com. Once you connect, click yes if the server prompts you to download a texture pack
  2. Im in the server. What do I do? Talk to Jones by right clicking him to get started on the In the beginning quest.
  3. How do I make money on the server to buy stuff? Click here
  4. What are the best guns and where can I get them? Try this link
  5. I want a car or a vehicle. Where do I get one? Try here
  6. Are there spells or classes? Yes. You choose one ability from four or five options at the completion of each major stage so you can build your own class.
  7. When is the best time to quest? Whenever the server is quiet is generally the best time, but you can level up whenever you like.

Generally speaking, most answers to questions can be found here

Hope to see you join us.


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